Strategies in Training, Marketing, Sales,
Services & Operations 


HyCap delivers international performance-enhancing solutions to Fortune 100 healthcare companies seeking to expand services across multiple distribution channels and target markets. Strategy and tactical planning for KOL, VOC, Voice of Field programs for Sales and Services, MSL, Speaker Bureau (Physician and Technical), and target-specific creation, development, deployment, management, and assessment of ROI. Change management from paper to e-processes (e.g. SFDC, Goldmine, CPQ, and Cloud). Integration of sales, marketing, and operations, for true commercialization. Coaching management and senior leadership. Successful consults in US, EMEA, Asia Pac, LATAM. 

Developed and implemented sales, marketing, and business growth strategies for medical services and products ranging from research and development to full commercialization: treatments, personalized health, diagnostics, patient outcomes; sales, marketing, services, operations; software, middleware, and hardware from stand alone to integrated. 

Proven Success Metrics

Integrated: Sales, Service, Operations: BD $1.8 revenue increase

IT: Launched CRM to Sales, Services

Operations, Marketing: Roche $2.7 million revenue increase, 2% margin increase

Growth Strategy and Tactical Plan:

Global Sales: RPS $1 million revenue increase, 1% margin increase 


From idea to total implementation, SMEs for all facets, customized for you.  Proven experience to guarentee your project and success. All products and services provided with American Sign Language (ASL).

Before you can apply Six Sigma, root cause or other methods of determination and repair, you must understand the real issue. We don't present solutions until we know the problem. We guarantee the ROI for all projects if we truly know the situation.

The Leap

Don't take a leap forward until you know where you're going to land. Based on careful assessment, we arm you with the roadmap and tools that mitigate risks and define success.


Everything you do should align with your assessment and your strategy. Let us help you define and use the tools that will shape your people, your key messages and your market presence.


Putting the finishing touches on your total plan brings together all of your planning and resources.


US Sites in Silicon Valley, NYC, Salt Lake City, Indianapolis,
Pittsburgh & District of Columbia



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